Swabi is a city in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is located near the bank of the Indus River. It is the 73rd largest city of Pakistan and eighth largest in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Swabi is also a major city in the Mardan Division, where it is the second-largest city.District Swabi remains attractive for the tourists in both the seasons, in summer the tourists travel to the Hilly area of Gadoon and in winter the tourist travels to plain area of Swabi. The name Swabi is believed by many to have been derived from “saabi” who were star worshippers centuries before the comming of Islam. The world “saabien” has been mentioned in the Quran . This region has played a very important role in the cultural ,social and political evolution in Indo-Pakistan .

Pushto is the main speaking language of the district. However Hindko is also spoken in few villages i.e. Jehangira, Tordher, Manki and Jangidher etc. People wear the traditional Pakhtoon dress of Shalwar Qameez, turban and Chaddar while Peshawari and Charsadwal Chappal as footwear. The major parts of these hills are in Gadoon area in the north-east. These are the continuation of the Mahaban hills. The other important hills are situated in north-western corner of the district. These are locally called as the Narranji hills. The height of these hills varies between 750 to 1400 meters above sea level. There are also a few other small isolated hills, the most important of which is located south of Swabi town. Other hills are in the south along the border with Nowshera district, which are the part of Khattak hills, north of the Kabul River. From the foot of the hills, the plain runs down, at first with a steep slope, and then gently to the lower levels, towards the Kabul River.  The plain area of the district is intersected by numerous streams and many smaller ravines. The important stream is the Narranji Khowar, which flows from Narranji hills in a South – Western direction joining the Kalapani stream in Mardan district. Another important stream is Badri Khowar which flows from the South close to Swabi town and joins the river Indus near village Hund. The Indus River flows along the Southern boundary of the District.