Kahror Pakka

Kahror Pakka, located in the Lodhran District of Punjab, Pakistan, is both a city and the capital of Kahror Pakka Tehsil. The area boasts a diverse population comprising major castes such as Langah, Sheikh, Channar, Arain, Syed, Hashmi, Qureshi, Mirza (Chughtai), Pathan, Meo, Baloch (Rind, Kurai), Rajput (Aibak, Rana, Rao, Bhatti, Kanju, Nawab, Joyia, Noon, Chauhan, Parihar, Rid, Utaira, Wad, Phull, Wighamal, Dhudd Dhakkoo, Pirzada Siddiqui, Migrators, Bhait, etc.). Kahror Pakka is well-connected through the Kahror Pakka to Lodhran road, a 32 km major artery in the district. The city houses an old railway station dating back to 1925, facilitating travel to Lahore and Karachi. Additionally, the Dunyia Pur road, stretching 25 km, stands as one of the straightest roads in Pakistan, further enhancing connectivity. Kahror Pakka maintains direct links with neighboring towns like Mailsi (35 km) and Dunyapur (25 km), while Multan and Bahawalpur airports offer access to international flights. Renowned for its agricultural prowess, Tehsil Kahror Pakka earns acclaim as an agricultural hub, particularly for cotton cultivation, earning it the moniker “cotton city.” Besides cotton, the region cultivates wheat, sunflower, sugarcane, and various vegetables. Fruits such as mangoes, oranges, and berries thrive in the region, contributing to its agricultural diversity and economic prosperity.