Kamalia is a city in the Toba Tek Singh District of Punjab, Pakistan. It is the administrative center of Kamalia Tehsil.It is the 42nd largest city of Pakistan by population and has a lot more population compared to nearby cities like Rajana, Chichawatni and Pir Mahal.Kamalia is bounded in the South by River Ravi and Chichawatni, in the West by Pir Mahal, in the North by Rajana and Mamu Kanjan, and in the East by Harappa and Sahiwal.

Under-construction M-4 motorway (Pakistan) Section soon is expected to connect the cities of Gojra, Toba Tek Singh, Shorkot to Kamalia.Kamalia City is historical city situated on the bank of River Ravi. The history discloses the town was established prior to the times of Alaxender AKA Sikander in local language. Preliminary it was named Kot Kamal in the Honour of most prominent personality Kamal Khan who was the head of Kharal tribe residing in huge number around Kamalia and whole of Sandal Bar.