Muridke is situated in District Sheikhupura and serves as the headquarters of Tehsil Muridke. In terms of population, it is Pakistan’s 53rd largest city. At an elevation of 675 feet (205 m), this city is situated on the Grand Trunk Road close to Lahore city.The distance from Muridke to Lahore is 51.2 km. So, the social and economic life of this city is dependent on Lahore.The land in this city is very fertile and so the people here are involved in agriculture. The famous crops include wheat and rice. There are climatic extremes in the city. April marks the beginning of the summer season, which lasts through October. The hottest months are May & June when daytime temperatures often range from 39 to 45 degrees Celsius. November marks the start of the winter season, which lasts until March. Muridke is a major commercial area near the city of Lahore, Pakistan, it is located at 31°45’35N 73°50’16E and has an elevation of 205 m (675 ft) and is situated on the famous Grand Trunk Road and at the crossroads toSheikhupura, Gujranwala and Narang Mandi/ Narowal.

The economic and social life of the city, which has three police stations and a railway station, mainly depends on Lahore.In 2005 Muridke became the headquarters of the newly created Muridke Tehsil of Sheikhupura District.The city used to be a wealthy city in Punjab because of the industries situated near Muridke. Two big industrial plants in Asia (Ravi Ryon and Ittehad Chemicals) were situated near Muridke and it was believed that more than 10 million rupees are dispersed among the people of Muridke in shape of salaries every month.More than anything else, Muridke is known for being the headquarters of the terror organization Laskhar-e-Tayyaba.