Sanghar District is one of the largest districts of Sindh province, Pakistan. This district lies between 2505813 N latitudes and 690244E longitudes. It was a village before Mallah Tribe were settled there. This district has the largest Mallah tribe population. It has an area of 9874 square kilometres. It is located in the centre of Sindh and is bounded to the east by India. The district capital, Sanghar, is itself a small city roughly 35 miles (56 km) east-south-east of the city of Nawabshah and the same distance north of Mirpur Khas. Its primary industry is agriculture.

Largest tribe of Sanghar district is Mallah who has the population of almost 350000 people. Other tribes are : Jakhro, Jam, Jat, Hingora, Wassan, Mallah, Mirani, Mirbahar, Dhareja, Unar, Siyal, Nizamani, Chandio, Rind, Leghari, Arain, Muhajir, Nareja.

The following cities are located in Sanghar District: Sanghar, Tando Adam, Jam Nawaz Ali, Shahdadpur, Shahpur Chakar, Sinjhoro, Jhol, and Sarhari among others.

Sanghar District is also known as the district of Hur Mujhaids, who are followers of Muslim saint Syed Shah Mardan Shah-II. They also fought against British government under the command of Sibghatullah Shah Rashidi.