Breathtaking views of snow-capped mountain peaks, as well as incredibly beautiful hillside stations, as well as breathtaking landscapes and eye-catching surroundings, attract tourists to visit Ghanool, which is very close to the gateway to the Kaghan Valley.

Ghanool is a paradise valley on the earth. It is a village council and trade union council in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

The beautiful mountains and quiet places attract many tourists. There are four village committees in Ghanool, namely Ghanool, Sangar-1, Sangar-2, and Bhangian. Sinjar is the most densely populated area of ​​Ghanool and has the highest income. Paya, also known as Sari and Paya, is a meadow above 9,000 feet above sea level. The area is full of dense forests of pine trees and wildflowers in the Alps and Mount Makra at 12,743 feet above sea level. It is also part of Ghanool.

The tribes living in Ghanool include the Mughals, Rajput’s, Al-Awan, Swati and Madakhels, which makes the dwarf a diverse nation. It is one of the valleys learned in the Mansehra region and is known for its hospitality.

Even so, Ghanool Valley has an amazing and wonderful beauty that have never encountered in my entire diplomatic career. It is an amazing landscape of snow-capped mountains, rocky hills full of vibrant herbs, hiking in the mountains and the most amazing natural wonders.

The valley begins with the Kunhar River, the trout river, which drains the valley to the top of the snow-capped Kowa Makra peak at 12,746 feet. There are many beautiful small valleys rising from the main valley.

The valley is of important strategic significance because it has only one entrance through Yehni Kati, which is actually the gateway to the valley. When you enter the concrete road from the entrance. It will take you through many beautiful small valleys and lush greenery. Grass. To the snow-covered glacier in Sumbala.

A beautiful morning view in Ghanool Valley

A beautiful morning view in Ghanool Valley

However, as Sumbala is about 6 to 8 kilometres away from the hotel, visitors must enter Ghanool via Jammu Nikha. You can admire the stunning scenery while stopping at various places along the way. As the roads are not covered with carpets, at least one day trip to Jammu and Shamballa is required. Therefore, it is recommended to park your car in Balakot or Jammu Neeka and rent a jeep, it will take you without problems.

It is a peaceful valley, and the people are hospitable and courteous. Therefore, you can also travel with your family. I believe if you have visited the valley, you will forget the beauty of Shogran Kagan and Saif ul Malook and will visit it again with relatives and family.