Baltistan is a region in Northern Pakistan’s autonomous province of Gilgit Baltistan. This valley is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the world. With amazing waterfalls, some of the highest mountains on Earth, confluence of river systems, cities and towns with unique cultures and traditions, hot water springs, lakes, deserts, highlands, meadows, and etcetera; this place is considered as the jewel of Pakistan. On top of everything, local Balti people are one of the most hospitable and welcoming. There is every reason for you to travel Gilgit Baltistan and make this place your next travel destination.

Baltistan is full of tourism opportunities. Due to its remoteness, it will truly require a lifetime for complete exploration. This wonderful piece of land offers a great chance of escaping your normal life hassles, and to refresh your soul in its amazing landscape between towering mountains and unique flora and fauna. However, sometimes you have limited amount of time to entirely or even partially explore a single place; and in the case of Baltistan where some trekking trails can take you away for even weeks, you really need to manage time a lot. But fortunately enough, I am going to offer a guide which will help you all to see the best of this place in just seven days. So read on, and be excited to visit the most dynamic and beautiful part of the world.